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   Theodore Zimmerman M. A.  photo.(c)WM (c)
Theodore Zimmerman. M.A.
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  Snow in Central Park, New York. USA. Pastel drawing by Theodore Zimmerman. M.A. (c)WM (C)

Snow in Central Park, New York. USA.
Pastel drawing by Theodore Zimmerman. M.A. (c)
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Great artists of the 20th Century.

Alberto Giacometti  (B. 1901 - D. 1966)  (CLICK).
Theo. said, quote: "Alberto Giacometti was truly one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. Of all the artists I have personally known during my lifetime, the 20th century Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti sculptures of the human face and body have impressed me the most. I have been privileged to have known him, and to have witnessed the great artist at work in the creation of his great sculptures.  In the 1960s Giacometti's health began to fail and in 1963 he underwent an operation for cancer of the stomach which was a success as the cancer did not return. In 1965 he became very ill with heart disease and chronic bronchitis. Giacometti sadly died in June 1966 in Switzerland.  I felt a great loss when I heard of Alberto Giacometti's premature death, but through his wonderful sculptures he still lives on, and will be remembered by myself and other lovers of great art forever." unquote. (C)

   Pen drawing of Alberto Giacometti by Theodore Zimmerman. M.A. (c)WM(c)

 Alberto Giacometti in Montparnasse. Paris.
Pen drawing by Theodore Zimmerman. M. A.
    Theodore Zimmerman. All rights reserved. DACS.
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L. S. Lowry (B. 1887 - D. 1976)  (CLICK).
Theo. became associated with Mr. Lowry and continued his friendship with the artist during the late 50's and 60's. Days out sketching together in Manchester, Salford, Stockport and surrounding areas, and occasionally painting the sea and yachts from the beach at Lytham St. Annes and Blackpool. A large collection of his paintings and drawings can be viewed in the artists permanent exhibition at 'THE LOWRY', Salford. Lancashire. U.K. The pen drawing shown below was completed at one of the many visits made by Theo. to the artists studio at 'The Elms.'  (c)                      

                     Pen drawing of L. S. Lowry in his studio  by Theodore Zimmerman. M.A. (c)WM(c)

             L. S. Lowry at the artists studio  
              Pen drawing by Theodore Zimmerman. M.A. 
          Theodore Zimmerman. All rights reserved.
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The important 'People of the night' paintings of the artists, drug addicts, misfits, prostitutes, drunks, and the unusual and hidden dark life of the streets and bars of the 1950's and 60's in Montparnasse, Paris.
Elongated figurative works, completed on newspaper, magazine, music leaves etc. in the artists early 'elongated' and personal style. Theo. being very short of money at the time, would use discarded daily newspapers as an ideal surface to make his spontaneous drawings and paintings, and continued to work on these surfaces through most of his early career. Theo. said, quote: "I create in my paintings the aura and ambiance of the eternal spirit, which is with you throughout you lifetime." unquote. The artist's answer to an American onlooker who was watching him work, and had remarked that his painting was missing many details, was quote: " If you want an accurate account of what you are looking at, go and find a photographer. If however, you have the intelligence to appreciate a work of art, then ask an artist to paint it." Unquote.
The majority of the 'People of the night' images were sketchbook studies painted of people who only appeared in the streets and pubs of Montparnasse after dark. These unfortunate people of the 1950's and 1960's included, drug addicts, alcoholics, misfits, prostitutes and the hidden local life of Paris. (C)

 Henri the dancer in Montparnasse, Paris. (c)WM (c)
The dancer in Montparnasse, Paris.
Painting by Theodore Zimmerman. Theo. said, quote: "I create in my paintings the aura and
ambiance of the eternal spirit, which is with you throughout you lifetime." Unquote.

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The beautiful 'en plein air' beach drawings in pastels of Le Touquet, Brittany and Normandy etc.
Paintings of scenes in Dublin, London and Paris where he studied 'Impressionism'. Views in the Montmartre, Montparnasse and along the river Seine. The important beach drawings at Le Touquet, Brittany and Normandy where he would sketch the children playing on the sands. Drawings of beautiful Provence and all along the coastal resorts, painting and drawing in the open air, 'en plein air'. The artists life, time and travels on the beaches of Europe include, beautiful drawings in pastels of Le Touquet - Paris - Plage, Berck, Dieppe, Pourville, Fecamp, Yport, Etretat, Le Havre, Honfleur, Trouville, Deauville, Cherbourg, and other places in where he painted memorable scenes of Parisian families on holiday with their children playing on the rocky or sandy beaches and enjoying themselves with their friends paddling in the sea. (C)

Let's go for a Guinness lads. Dublin. Pastel drawing by Theodore Zimmerman. (c) (c)
 Pastel drawing: Let's go for a Guinness, lads, Dublin.
by Theodore Zimmerman. M.A.
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Place du tertre, Montmartre, Paris.  Dessin au pastel par Theodore Zimmerman. (c)   Le marchand de fleurs, Paris. Dessin au pastel par Theodore Zimmerman. (c) Le touquet - Mère et enfant.  Dessin au pastel par Theodore Zimmerman. (c) Sur la plage au coucher du soleil. Etratet.  Dessin au pastel par Theodore Zimmerman. (c) 

Réflexions au coucher du soleil. Etretat.  Dessin au pastel par Theodore Zimmerman. (c) Dimanche matin avec la duchesse dans le jardin des Tuileries. Paris.  Dessin au pastel par Theodore Zimmerman. (c) Mme Zimmerman et les enfants dans les Tuileries. Paris.  Dessin au pastel par Theodore Zimmerman. (c) 
Pastel drawings by Theodore Zimmerman. (c)
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American, Canadian, European and the Middle East paintings.
Theo's. important American works include summer and winter scenes in Central Park and the busy street scenes of New York. Beach paintings at Coney Island, street scenes of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and many other places on the coast of the U.S.A. and Canada.
The artists quest to capture nature, from the Pyramids of Egypt and the sublime beauty of the Nile, the temples and buildings of Jerusalem, the morning mists on the river Seine, or that fleeting and illusive atmospheric moment of nature only seen through the artist's eyes in the colours of a Venice sunrise or sunset. Pastel drawings of lovely Provence, with it's hot summers, the orchards of Spain where the orange and lemon trees are a wonderful experience at blossom time, and the excitement of the bullfights and interesting local life. The beaches of beautiful Mallorca with the friendly people, and the lovely countryside of Italy and it's many vineyards. Greece with the magnificent monuments and temples offered many a good subject to sketch. (c)

Theodore Zimmerman.  (A life of artistic study and painting.)
During a lifetime of study and painting, he would start early in the morning and continue until quite late in the evening, remaining oblivious to anything or anyone who wished to distract him from his work. Over the years, he was generous in giving paintings to close family and friends, and always passionately refusing to sell any of his works, saying to the public and art collectors, quote: "My paintings are a record of the places I have visited and of the cherished memories and experiences of my life as an artist. The love I have for my family, my paintings and the history of art, are the most important parts of my life and time as an artist on this wonderful and beautiful planet. To be true to yourself as an artist, do not concern yourself on how much your painting is worth or it's possible monetary value, concentrate on your work and only paint what you yourself want to paint and what is in your heart and mind. Any commercial value that collectors may place on my works during my lifetime or in the future is completely irrelevant". unquote.  (c)             

The out of work coal miner on the beach at low tide, Blackpool.  Pastel drawing by Theodore Zimmerman. (c) The early morning shift workers, Salford.  Pastel drawing by Theodore Zimmerman. (c) Unemployed miner waiting for work. Salford.  Pastel drawing by Theodore Zimmerman. (c)

Pastel drawings by Theodore Zimmerman. (c)
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Theodore Zimmerman: Theo's works, included, figurative and poetical drawings of the 'out of work' and 'unemployed' men and women of Lancashire and Yorkshire.
It was from the late 1960's that Theo. became interested in the painting of the ‘out of work’ men of the industrial scene. With the mines and factories closing, many of the workers of Lancashire and Yorkshire were facing redundancy after a lifetime of employment and work. The decline of industry in the area hit the workers extremely hard, and many now faced never to find work again in the mines or mills of the Northern towns and cities. Theo’s figurative paintings of the ‘out of work’ and 'unemployed', painted in oils, crayon, Biro or pastels, were of a time in his life when the workers of Manchester, Salford, Wigan, Bolton, Rochdale, Oldham and Halifax became important parts in the creation of his paintings. Theo's paintings and drawings of these many old and even young men and woman, struggling from day to day trying to make ends meet on the 'dole', tell the story of an industrial recession, and an insight in the 'unemployed' workers daily life in Lancashire and Yorkshire. In beautiful tertiary colours, Theo. created these poetical works through much of his later career. The images, illuminated by moonlight or the diffused light from street lamps and windows, in early morning fog or mist at sunrise, or in wet and winter conditions of a rainy day. Theo. captures the unforgettable reflections of the street lights and brightly lit windows on rain-soaked pavements. We now can see in his paintings, the early morning, evening and night life of the down-trodden and 'unemployed' through the eyes of the artist. (c)

The Channel Islands of Jersey, Guernsey, Sark, Herm and Alderney.
The Channel Islands are special places for any artist to visit and marvel at the many lovely beaches and the countryside, with fields and woods full of flowers at springtime. A specialty of the artist was to set out early in the morning to experience and record in pastels the splendid sunrises and in the evenings the colourful sunsets. Also, the works he painted at night, include, poetical views of the sea and sky and the now lonely and deserted beaches. These rare works, painted in low tones of blues and greys, are closely held by his family and friends. Ever since his first visit to the Islands as a schoolboy, and over a lifetime as an artist, he has returned many times and created memorable drawings of the picturesque scenery and the beautiful sandy beaches of Jersey, Guernsey, Sark, Herm and Alderney. (c)

The start of a beautiful day. Jersey. C.I. Pastel drawing by Theodore Zimmerman. (c) Early morning on the beach with the fishermen, Jersey. C.I. Pastel drawing by Theodore Zimmerman. (c) On the beach, Jersey. C. I.  Pastel drawing by Theodore Zimmerman. (c) (c)   

Yorkshire paintings at Runswick Bay, Sandsend, Whitby and Staithes.
On the Yorkshire coast, Theo. stayed at a small cottage overlooking beautiful Runswick Bay where he painted 'en plein air' views from the beach and of the bay from high on the hill. In bad weather conditions when he was unable to go down to the beach to paint, he would spend hours looking at the sea and would sketch Runswick Bay from the cottage window. Days spent painting at Sandsend, Staithes and Whitby where Theo. completed works in pastels and occasionally in oils on canvas and board. (c)  

Theodore Zimmerman quotes from life.
Theo. said, quote: " I want to create a painting or drawing, that, when anyone views one of my paintings from across a room, that person will immediately know that the artist Theodore Zimmerman painted it.
Only one thing mattered in Theo's life apart from his family, was his need to paint. He said, "Our life on earth is limited to a very short space of time and no one knows how long it will be, so within this unknown and limited time I must paint at every possible moment. To be able to see, smell and touch the beauty of nature and explore the subtle variations of sunlight, tone and colour, painting or drawing in the open air, 'en plein air', is the only solution."

I paint a painting as I see it through my own eyes and in my mind, and not as other people tell me what to see.
A painting is a precious moment in the time and life of the artist.
An artist when creating a painting, sees colours slightly different from another artist.
Painting and drawing, from the beginning of time, has been and is one of the greatest creations of the human race.
I am a loner when I paint, I want to be a loner when I paint, as a loner, I create my paintings without any input from anyone else.
Look at a beautiful scene, memorise it, them paint it.
Paint every day what you yourself want to paint, and not what someone else wants you to paint.
The paintings or sculptures you create throughout your lifetime as an artist are yours forever, even though it belongs to someone else.
Ignore all comments from others about your works, and only paint what you yourself know is the truth.
Life is not pretty or perfect, paint what you see with warts and all imperfections.
Do not paint for the love of money. Only paint for your love of art.
I start to paint early in the morning, as this is the time when my mind is not cluttered up with other things.
The natural beauty of a wonderful sunrise or a colourful sunset cannot be bettered by any artist.
The colours and beauty of a Venetian sunset and it's reflections on water is a wonder of creation.
When sketching with a pen or pencil, try and draw every day, as this is necessary to keep your drawing style fluid and at it's best.
Let your pen or pencil move and flow over the paper with the ease and grace of a ballet dancer.
I try to draw a subject without ever lifting the pencil point from the paper.
The artists throughout time have created many beautiful paintings and sculptures for the benefit of the human race.
There is only one important journey in life, and that is the journey through life itself.
Spend your money wisely each day and do not give your money to others to spend as they will certainly lose it.
The heart is the engine of the body and the mind creates the beauty of art.
To be a painter, is to believe in life and what the beauty of life can bring to the artist.
Enjoy your life and time on this Earth, create beautiful things, harm no other man or woman, be true to yourself and love your art and family.
From all the works I leave behind after my death, if only one painting is eventually appreciated by another artist or art collector, then I shall be satisfied.
During my life as an artist, I have studied the history of Impressionism and Modern Art, and I have been impressed with the dedication of certain well known artists, to paint and create their works, often in direct opposition to the academically accepted methods.
The four most important things in my life, is, absolute and un-conditional love for my 'GOD', COUNTRY, FAMILY and ART.

Theodore Zimmerman in poor health.
Due to his very poor health following three heart attacks and a worsening heart condition in his later retirement years, Theo. ceased painting for quite a long period of time before starting to paint again  on a very much reduced scale with his Bible Story series. Retired from painting for many years, he would only paint an occasional picture or drawing for a friend or family member who requested a special work. With Theo's reluctance and even refusal to sell his paintings, his works are relatively scarce. All his paintings are signed, inscribed, and have the important provenance 'Atelier' stamp of the artist. A Certificate of Provenance for each registered painting or drawing can be obtained from the artists family via the SIEAA.  (c)
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